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  West HollyWood Wedding Service

We provide Mobile Wedding Services to West HollyWood and meet you wherever is convenient for you. That means whether it's your home, local beach, local hospital, local Jail, local Coffeehouse, we are there for you! We offer Same Day Services to anyone interested. 

You never know when you might need a notary public. You could sign a document that needs to be notarized, or you may need a document notarized from another state. Whatever the reason you need a notary public service, we can help.
We are a mobile notary public service company located in West Hollywood, serving all the Greater Los Angeles area and other counties.
Our professional and certified mobile notary staff is available 7 days a week for appointments within 15 miles of our office location. We offer same day appointments and accept credit cards for payment.
We are the fastest, most convenient way to get your documents notarized the same day. We can come to you with our mobile appointment service or meet you at one of our office locations. Call us today at (323) 534-0882 or complete an online request form here.
**Why Choose Us?** * Mobile Notary Service * Same Day Appointments * Hand Delivery of Documents * All Credit Cards Accepted * Monday - Sunday Available * Free Consultation *Call us now at (323) 534-0882 or click here for more details!

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