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Mobile Notary Service for Theo Lacy Facility

501 The City Dr S, Orange, CA 92868

Notary Public Service is a company that offers mobile notary public services in Orange County.

We offer Mobile Notary Public Services in Orange County 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.
We provide the following services/products: Notarizing Documents, Apostille, Authentication, Copy Certification, Jail Release, Marriage License, Legalization of Documents for use outside the United States.
We have a professional team that is willing to meet you in your location and at your convenience. Our fees are very affordable and we also provide a free notary service in some cases. Just call us at (323) 534-0882 and you can schedule an appointment or you can visit our website at to schedule an appointment online.

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Schedule a Mobile Notary Appointment:

Thanks for submitting! Please note: Normally notaries are all busy and booked. We try our best to reach out to you via phone to give you a quote.. If you only leave an email we may send you an email out stating to book through our form or give us a call. Your appointment is NOT confirmed and our notaries will not come out to you without you obtaining a verbal quote for our notary services that leads to an appointment being booked. If you do not recieve a quote try calling us before your appointment for one as we may not have gotten to your submitted scheduled appointment yet.

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