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Why do I need a notary public?

A Notary public is an official that is appointed by state government to serve as an impartial witness to deter important documents from fraud such as property deed forms, power of attorney, wills, true identity forms, right to travel forms, banking forms, etc. They are used to examine signer’s willingness to sign without duress or cohesion to do so. A notary public will perform a notarization once documents are completed and signed by all signer’s.

Now do you see the importance?

If still no take a look at these scenarios. Characters in these scenarios are fictitious. Made for informational use ONLY.

Top thing everyone values: PROPERTY!

Lets say you had property.. That property someone wanted to take ownership of so they went through the steps of obtaining all forms needed to submit to county clerks in California that you were transferring property to them. They signed those documents with your signature and tried to submit them stating that you had given ownership of your 6000 sqft estate to them. Sounds important right??

That form will be rejected because it just so happens to be notarized by you for it to take effect.

A notary public must witness you sign the document and verify your identity to complete the notarization of such a document. Some notarization's also require signers to be placed under oath for documents under penalty of perjury that information in the document is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief. And if you so happen to have important forms that you need notarized we’re just a call away.. We travel to you 24/7 and handle the notarization give us a call at 323-534-0882 or book a notary here:


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