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IngleWood Mobile Notary Services


Inglewood is a small city in southern California. It is very close to Los Angeles. The city of Inglewood is the home of the famous Inglewood racetrack and the home to many notary publics. Our mobile notary public service will come directly to your location. We are in the business of servicing all residential, commercial, and financial needs. We have a wide variety of services available, including loan signing, real estate signings, vehicle titling, and much more.

The notary public is an official in California who has powers to witness or administer oaths, take acknowledgments or proofs of execution, certify copies, administer oaths and affirmations when qualified as a subscribing witness, take depositions when qualified as a court reporter under the laws of the state, affix their seal to any instrument which they are empowered to administer or certify, attest to any fact or statement in writing which they are empowered by law to make before an officer authorized by law to administer oaths. Our mobile notaries are fully certified and qualified with the state of california. They are required by law to perform certain duties when acting on behalf of an individual or for financial institutions.

Notary Public Service offers mobile notary services for the Inglewood area. We offer same-day appointments. Schedule one of our professionals today.
We are notaries that are located in Inglewood, California. We are here to assist with all of your notary needs. Our staff is fully licensed and bonded according to California law.

Schedule a Mobile Notary Appointment:

Thanks for submitting! Please note: Normally notaries are all busy and booked. We try our best to reach out to you via phone to give you a quote.. If you only leave an email we may send you an email out stating to book through our form or give us a call. Your appointment is NOT confirmed and our notaries will not come out to you without you obtaining a verbal quote for our notary services that leads to an appointment being booked. If you do not recieve a quote try calling us before your appointment for one as we may not have gotten to your submitted scheduled appointment yet.

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